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Hereditarius has been redeveloped as part of the new 20/40 program; the 20/40 program is designed to allow more people than ever before to get involved with their local heritage.

If you have a passion for history and heritage then please get involved. Register your interest using the link below. Or read more about the 20/40 project at this site.
Hereditarius has created a program called the 20/40 project dedicated to bringing together, expanding and enriching a broad spectrum of educational, heritage and research programs. The key priorities of the program are listed by section below. Its central focus is on rapidly producing meaningful heritage projects that encourage and support community engagement, diversification in research and the meaningful, rapid, dissemination of heritage materials.
edu. has been relaunched

our exceptional team of educators has restructured edu.; our focus is in 3 areas:

provide heritage learning opportunities
create curriculum specific educational experiences
teach heritage skills
research. is now expanding with micro research

research. is trialling 'micro research' across its projects; currently we have 2 priorities:

encourage participation in community research projects
meaningfully disseminate research outcomes
heritage. explains, campaigns, & supports history

heritage. has been redeveloped; currently we have 3 priorities:

campaign to protect at risk heritage
provide support for heritage organisations
create pathways for people to experience their past
join the heren. where you are

heren. is seeking to establish 3 new partnerships:

new members for hereditarius
strategic partnerships with educational and heritage organisations
partnerships with research organisations
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